Undertale OST - Nyeh Heh Heh!/Bonetrousle

Woah, I still make music, surprise surprise! Anyways, I transcribed this thingy. Now I know there are .midi files of the thing floating around but I decided to do it the hard way and transcribe by ear. It's less clutter than looking at the midi file anyways; that thing puts the drum parts into piano notes and it's just horrid. Unless you like that kind of thing, I won't judge. So here is a completely playable Bonetrousle Piano reduction. The bass line sounds funky on piano but I'm pretty sure those are the notes that are happening. If you guys find out what the actual notes are and they're different than what I have written, please tell me. It'd be much appreciated. I may be transcribing other things from Undertale just cause the music is so good. Maybe Megalovania or Spear of Justice. Iunno. I'll get around to it. I'm like Sans. Or maybe I am Sans. *dabs MTT-Brand Anime Powder behind my ear* UPDATE: Added tempo text. UPDATE 2: Revised Bass line, some articulation changes. Nothing major. GET IT, 'CUS IT'S IN MINOR? I GUESS I REALLY AM SANS.